About us Don Hoster

Because we think about customer welfare, we have values

  • Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Respect

DonHoster is a company created in 2017, as a provider of telecommunications, Data Center service and IT consulting, in Portland, Oregon.


It was born in March 2016, as an idea to provide telecommunications services to a community in Portland, Oregon, to local businesses seeking to expand their profits, without imagining the growth that this would achieve later; and that is why for the year 2017, based on the growth and the demands for services that we obtained, we are forced to move to Miami Florida, associating ourselves with a Data Center; thus emerging in May 2017 officially and online Don Hoster.


Provide IT consulting, Internet services and networks.

Provide colocation services and dedicated servers.

Provide services in the cloud, with the best standards of quality and speed.

For companies, corporations, medium and small businesses, and ordinary people.


Our objectives, more than business, are always focused on and by customers, always giving the maximum so that they are surprised and satisfied with our products and the attention provided, that these are of the best quality, safe and fast, with the best equipment. quality.


Ethics, Respect, responsibility, commitment and always being at the forefront with services and the best range in Technology.

Don Hoster, the telecommunications company that thinks about its customers; because they are valuable, we strive to innovate and meet all your expectations and more.


Information Data Centers

99% Complete
Connectivity 99%
40% Complete
Servidores 40%
11% Complete
Incidence 11%
80% Complete
Colocation 80%